Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Till Melbourne!!! I sooo can't wait to get there, but I'm scared of all the stuff I have to finish before I'm allowed on that plane. I'm getting really really scared of how cold it's gonna be though... more the point that I have no 'nice' or trendy warm clothes!!

Anyway, I can wait to meet so many people I've known for ages, and that I've always wanted to.
Starting with the Sensational Sue, my previous butt-kicker Shar, Jodie, Hilde, Kelly (I think!), and a few others from IBO. (Sorry if I've missed anyone!!). I also hopefully get to see Alicia again, and of course, spend some time with Kek - it's only the third time this year we've seen each other!!

I'm very excited, but stressed, but excited, but thinkingabouttoomuchatonetimethatican'tthinkclearly!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIGHTO, work to do, not to think about :P


Kek said...

Don't be such a sook. At least it isn't likely to snow. Well, not very...

Hilary said...

LOL you sound super excited!!!

I wish I was going again this year - but I have a clash on my calendar unfortunately!

You'll be right with the weather - just take lots of layers and a scarf!!

Hilary xx

Shar said...

Hey Sel

looking forward to meeting you too!!!

Nearly here!!

Shar x