Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's a Lovely Day Today.........

After about 10 days straight of overcast, rainy days, the sun has finally reappeared!!! Apparently June has had record rain-fall for the month - add to that the coldest temps ever recorded - as you can imagine us sun lovers here in QLD are having a hard time adapting!!! I was starting to feel down in the dumps a bit, and it's all to do with not seeing the sun. Hilds mentioned something similar on her blog too. BUT it's all good today :)) There's not one cloud in the sky!! You can see for miles... planes, birds etc. It's very cool :)) I'm hoping to go for a run at lunchtime, coz it's been so long!!!!!!!!

Not alot to report, busy at work... getting everything in order for financial year end, next week will be the big rush to get the BAS done, and group certificates and all else that goes along with it, all before I fly down to Melbourne :) Now, that I CAN'T wait for!!! :))))

Been going hard on the cardio machines at the gym, they don't know what's hit them!! And I don't know what's hit me either.... lol. But as mentioned before, I can finally get outdoors again :) Weights are going well, I just went up in weights today in one of my exercises... it felt a little light, so I referred to the book, nope, that's the correct weight, welll let's put more on... so I did, and voila, 3 sets squeezed out! I'm going to update my programs on the weekend, the old bod knows what's going on (didn't take long!!), so time to shock it again!! Not including chest exercises of course as my shoulder still isn't co-operating, if anything has gotten a little worse :( Back for punishment massage next week, and I really don't know what else to do.... Unfortunately with work, I just can't totally rest it, I'm always lifting or carrying plate weights or dumbbells or boxing or something. Nevermind, patience my dear watson.

Gotta run, work to be done! Have a super duper sunny (hopefully!!) Thursday!!


Kek said...

For the dodgy shoulder, do you have some prescribed stretches and specific strengthening exercises? And more to the point: are you doing them? Hmm?

How many sleeps is it now? Can't wait!

Hilds said...

Isn't the sun awesome! Makes such a difference, although still a bit chilly at nights. Not long now and I'll be down your way, how exciting. Although think I'll see you in Melbourne first, 2 weeks to go!

Kaddy said...

sounds full on@! AM SO EXCITED ABOUT end of financial year! AM HANGING FOR TAX RETURN lol! me thinks a tradmill will be on the cards this year :)

Kaddy said...

ps hope ur shoulder gets fixed soon :)

Kek said...

Yes, it's me again....can't wait till you get here!! The sofa bed is pretty comfy, I promise.

Sooooo. What do you want to do? We can go cruising wineries in the Yarra Valley (just up the road), factory outlet shopping, dining out...your wish is my command.