Thursday, June 21, 2007


BRRRRRRRRRRRRR... Winter is certainly here. It's show day holiday here today, and it's a terrible day. It hasn't stopped raining, allllll day. Poor little kiddies won't be going to the show today! Me the big kid, went last nite - the only day of the three that it hasn't rained. It was very cold though... I can't remember the last time we got so cold up here. Don't ask me the temp though, it's just cold :P And we aren't graced with central heaters... dress up like an eskimo and hope for the best!!! LoL

So I ask the question - how the hell am I gonna survive 4 days in Melbourne next month!?!?!?!? I'm so looking forward to it... well I WAS until I saw Kek's blog and her new jacket she can go walking in... what? you mean you have to wear warm stuff walking down there?!?! ;) Oh gosh, I'll be in a state won't I!! I simply wear a T-shirt as opposed to a singlet... go hard for 5 minutes till nice and warm, then have to roll the sleeves up.... It's gonna be a culture shock for me!!! I am SO taking my snow jacket I wore every single day in Canada, I knew I'd have use for it again!! I wonder if I'll get weird stares......

Due to the weather, I haven't run this week :( I planned to do 15kms this afternoon but not with this rain. I'll catch my death! Went to the gym this morning for training, but as it's only open for 2 hours on pub hols, and coz I accidentally slept in, I didn't have time for anymore than 15mins cardio to finish off my sess. Looks like I'll be dragging out the exercise tapes for a TV workout later on!!!

I had a mini spend-up at Lorna Jane on Tuesday :) A long-sleeved shirt and and two sports crops tops. I cannot do without those padded crops now!!! I feel so much better (and bigger lol)in them :)) Got great discounts too, as being in the Fitness Industry, I get 20% discount... that's a mammoth saving!! If any of you PT/Gym Instructors didn't know that, make sure you say something!! The % discount may vary, but you still save!!!

HOLY CRAPOLA!! Just saw the time... time flies when fluffing bout on the puter. I have hardly started my day and it's nearly 2pm. The plan - update playlists on my i-river, create some new CDs for work and exericse tape!!!!!



Hilds said...

Good to hear there is a lorna's in Mackay! I'm starting to freak out a bit with all this cold weather, I need to buy a new wardrobe as I don't really have much warm stuff! Have been looking at Mackay weather and I'm not liking it (he he).

Kek said...

We get a DISCOUNT on LJ gear?? And you're only telling me this NOW?

As for the snow jacket - in Melbourne, in July, I don't think you need to worry about weird stares. You'll just blend right in. Oh, and don't worry, we can get you a scarf and gloves at a $2 shop....

I have warm blankies and central heating, you'll be fine.

Amy said...

I'm in England now and its ment to be summer here but it so cold. I will not survive their winters!! Congrats on the mountain run. I remember when you did it last year and I thought you were crazy then. Us runners do some silly things tho.

Shar said...

Hey Selina
I cannot explain how cold I am ALL the time, I'm a coldie person anyway, let alone with not alot of Bodyfat left!!

I haven't got a snow jacket for Melbourne, what am I going to do??? I best start looking! :)

I went to lorna Jane today and got the NO PAIN NO GAIN singlet in pink!!! SOOOO Cool!
Looking forward to your cheers!! and meeting you of course,
Shar x