Saturday, June 23, 2007

Super Saturday!!

I particularly love weekends, but then again who doesn't! It's still cold and rainy... but I'm over that... think I've used up all my "free whinge" tickets this week. LoL
I did things all backwards this morning. First of all, I actually slept in, - jumped outta bed at 7.30am then, without eating breakfast first (second 'backwards' thing, I need food for energy before I train) rushed off to the gym for opening at 8am. If you don't get there before 8am, and bolt inside like it's boxing day sales when the doors open, you're damned if you're going to get a cardio machine!! I ended up with the cross trainer... not my first preference... but at least I got something :P 35mins of hills on that, then still no treadys free so decided I'd try to conquer the ancient cardio climber, ya know the stepper looking thing with the arms that move as well... cripes, that's a hard little piece of machinery isn't it!!! 10 mins was enough, then ended with 15 mins on the bike - interval style :) (third 'backwards' thing - I'm NOT an indoor cardio person, can't stand it, but didn't do my normal run this morning due to rain). Sweat was pouring, legs were burning, it was a great start! And you know what, it felt FANTASTIC to do something different. I didn't feel flat and lethargic going in on an empty stomache, whether mental or not, I had a job to do in there today, and that was to burn some big fat calories, and I did! :))

Right, off to go ten-pin bowling now. It's our first work social-club kinda event. Should be fun, who doesn't like throwing heavy objects around!!


Kaddy said...

whinge tickets. love that... will have to remember that one for the future!

ten pin... howd u go?? sounds like ur being so consitant!! am v proud of u! :)

go girl!

Hilary said...

Wow I cant believe your gym is that busy on a Saturday morning! Way to go for getting up and going and doing a great workout too - sometimes its so nice to do something different isn't it!?

I think that "Stepper looking thing with the arms that move" is called a rock climber... I've never been game to try it though, and luckily my gym doesn't have one! LOL!

Hope you're having a great week

Hilary xx