Sunday, June 17, 2007

"I'm the King of the Castle, and You're a Dirty Rascal"


First pic is of the hill I had to conquer Saturday... photo was taken at the start line, the finish was the chalet at the top which you can sort of see... if you squint really hard... where the trees aren't as thick. The person in the pic is no one of interest, he was just lucky ;)

Yes, the annual King of The Mountain run was on this weekend- 6.4kms from start to finish up a hill that never goes down!!! They really should run it down the mountain one year...

48mins and 22secs later I was at the top. As my heart rate was breaking records, my breathing was like a dying dog, when I had to talk out loud to myself C'MON GIRL, I swore yet again that this was the last year, I was never, ever doing it again. I made that same promise to me last year, and the year before and you know what, in another year I will be doing the same thing again! Sucker BIG TIME!

The second pic is the view from the top, looking back down the mountain. It's the best feeling to get to the top and know you've made it all the way up... alive.

So all in all, I'm STOKED that I survived it for another year. A little disappointed that I ran 2mins slower than last year (2mins up those hills is a LOT of actual distance), but still a happy chappy as I did do less hill training, concentrating more on the 1/2 which was only 2 weeks ago.

However, I'm even more stoked that I came SECOND OVERALL FEMALE!!!!!!!! (Won't mention that the last year's reigning queen is out of town, and that the local triathlete girls rode it instead of running) but as they say, you can only race who shows up on the day!!!!!!!!!!! Took home $75 cash for my efforts, so made a little profit!!! Plus I won a random door prize so was a lucky day for me!!

Best news of all - my butt and legs aren't even sore!!!!! What the?!?!!!


Kek said...

OK, first of all, you're seriously crazy. but you know that. :)

Anyway, congratulations - woohoo! A prize and everything!

Shar said...

OMG Selina, your crazey, hill running is awful!!

WELL DONE THOUGH!! you should be very proud of yourself.

CAN"T WAIT TO MEET YOU IN MELBOURNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shar x

Kristy said...

Well done Selina. Second place is amazing...

Hilds said...

Your a machine!!! Can't even imagine doing that, well done! Also found out yesterday Cam starts early July so will be moving down. I won't be in Mackay fulltime for a few months but I'll be there quite often, so see ya soon!

Hilds said...

I meant eary August, where is the year going!

Hilds said...

LOL (I can't stop laughing!) re your comment on my blog about doing the mountain next year with you! Geez I'd have to start training now and you'd have to do (coz you'd be dragging me up there!)Can't wait to meet you!

LizN said...

What a run and second place - that is so cool. I 'm scared of hills

Liz n