Friday, June 08, 2007



Nice little cold snap has just hit here! We've all been wondering when winter was going to 'officially' come as it's been really warm lately... until this morning. We've also had heaps of rain this week which has been sooo nice, I lurve the rain, and well, who doesn't need it at the moment! I'm sitting here in my brand-spanking new purple Oscar the Grouch flannalette PJs + singlet underneath (dag!) + uggies and wrapped in a blanket. You'd think it was snowing, god knows how I survived a winter in Canada.

I really struggle in winter. It's hard to get out and go running, but once you're out there its so much better :) So, to throw myself in the deep end, I'm up as usual tomorrow morning for a 5.45am run start... it's supposed to be about 9 degrees... Oh dear, I'll have the mental argument with the 2 Selinas... motivated Selina and any-excuse-will-do Selina!! The problem is that I have no winter running gear.... I'll be out in my singlet and shorts, might even have to wear at T-shirt (OMG!). And we wonder why people stare at us!! LoL Anyway it's hills tomorrow so won't be long till the sweat is pouring.

I had a pretty big week, so can't wait for bed :) Had to write an article for an insert magazine for our newspaper, and of course I was I just on deadline, I'd hate to be a journo! I 'accidentally' forgot the profile pic of myself, but of course they hit me up for it... yay, can't wait to see it :P Had an appt with financial planner, good thing is this financial year the business has more than doubled from last financial year in terms of growth!! YEEEHA! Hard work DOES pay off, even though it doesn't seem it ever will. Hope to double again this next year :) Now just trying as much as I can to minimise the mammoth tax bill I'll be receiving at the end of this month. Yipee. Yesterday I did my First Aid update course, so that was a different day. I felt like I had a normal (whatever that means though) routine again. I was able to go to the gym before the course, attended it from 9-5, then cardioed after it. Just like the olden days in my previous job.

Had to back it up today with seven clients in a row, a half hour break then another 5. Then had to clean the studios, and all the other crap that goes along with it.

OMG, I'm waffling... best be off to my warm bed. Early to bed, Early to rise!!!


Kek said...

Hang on....don't you live in Mackay??? Um..winter? You don't actually HAVE that. Come visit me in about...oh...5 or 6 weeks and THEN complain about winter!

hint: Thermal undies would be a good thing to bring.

Congrats on the good business growth!!! You're a success because you care. Yay, you!!

Hilary said...

I didn't think you actually GOT a winter in Mackay???!!!!!! :)

The cold snap must've hit all of QLD then, cos we got it too... it was quite chilly yesterday and today (well, chilly by our standards anyway!). I think we need some photographic evidence of those PJ's too!

Way to go on the article, and on the business growth!

Hilary xx

Kek said...

*poke* You haven't answered my email yet. I'm VERY impatient. Don't tell me you've been busy working - pfft! pathetic excuse!


Carolyn said...

I know - it's soooo chilly! We're getting it in Gladstone too!! Had to break out the winter jammies myself!

I used to live in Melbourne, don't know how I survived. Must have been the central heating.....
BTW - well done with your business and on your half marathon!