Saturday, June 02, 2007

Waffle waffle, mumble mumble


Yes it's finally here. Tomorrow morning I will crawl out of bed at 5am to shower, eat, go through my ritual, psyche myself up, drive to the race, then run 21.1kms... just for the fun of it. The remainder of the day will be spent as a vegetable, sleeping and resting my tired legs, then wondering why on earth I put myself through it... but will I do it again? Of course!!! Provided all goes well (ie, injury free), I'll be doing the next one in 8 weeks in August at the Townsville Running Festival. Just don't ask me if I still am anytime tomorrow though!!!

Now the way I've carried on and hyped everything up in my last posts, you'd think I'm a good athlete or something!! Far from it... In fact, I am realistic about the fact that I will be one of the last runners back, but I have no issues with that!! I just love running and how I feel after it!! I can't WAIT to get in and do my first ever half marathon, and see what time I can come up with! I'm competing against the clock, then next time I run, I will compete against that time. I do my best to lead by example and encourage clients to enter a fun run and have a go, you DON'T have to be the best!!! Achieving a goal is the most rewarding accomplishment! Last year a few of my male clients beat me in a 5 km run, I was SOOO proud of them, and they were stoked (and haven't let me forget it either!! LOL!). However, most disappointing is when people refuse to enter, only because they know they aren't going to win or even place. I mention that simply because I've seen it happen alot within the club I'm in. That's not what sport is all about!

My DOMS is all better, my only concern are my feet... they're quite sore at the moment, feeling a little strained like last year *gulp*. I'm talking positively to them though, if I don't think about it, they won't hurt :) I've been soaking them in my foot spa. Ahhhh :)

It's been overcast and raining all day today! I'm PRAYING that it's still like this in the morning. The best conditions are when it's raining, it's so refreshing and the sun doesn't drain your energy.

Right, I'm waffling now, must be a few nerves... I tend to do that, get nervous when I have a semi-important event on!! I bet I won't sleep too well tonite... OMG, it's REALLY NOT that big of a deal!!!! LOL

Goal time: under 2 hours... 1 hr 50something minutes and however many seconds.

WISH ME LUCK!!!!! :)


Kristy said...

Good luck Selina, you will do great. It's amazing you can run 21 km's. I am aiming for 12 km's in Sept. Look forward to hearing how you go.


jodie said...

Good luck, can't wait to hear how you did!

Kek said...

Best of lick Darls...hope you enjoy it. Well, enjoy crossing the finish line, anyway - ah, you know what I mean!

Take care of those feet.

Hugs & kisses!!

Kek said...

Um.. that's LUCK, not LICK.

Geez, why do they put those two keys next to each other?

Shar said...


Let us know how you go!
Shar x

Cherub said...

Good Luck.

Looking forward to hearing how you do.


Sue said...

Good luck Selina, you should be running now while I type this message, hope you get the time you would love.