Thursday, May 31, 2007

Waiting, waiting...

Only four more sleeps till the half marathon. I'm so over it now, I just want it to be here. I've trained for so many months, and about 3 weeks ago felt great! I've tapered off a bit, but my body is just tired and sore and not recovering as quickly at the moment. My hammies are soooo tight - still from last weeks leg training I think!! Then at netball on Tuesday nite, I took my first tumble for the year. Was tripped and smack-bang HARD into the floor, straight onto my right knee and left wrist. Those first few seconds when the pain registers was BAD, first thought was "NOOOOO I've got the 1/2 on Sunday, I'm NOT missing out again this year" followed by "Crap my knee hurts" followed by wiggling the hand and leg and finding that THANK GOD, it all moves, there's no "bad" pain, it just bloody hurts. A little bruised and tender today but *fingers crossed* everything holds out just a few more days for me!!!

I did get and still have DOMS from the weener weights chest exercises on Tuesday. CRAP my pecs are sore... and that was with only 2 exercises, 4 sets 12 each. OMG!! It feels like my first ever session again :P

Right, that's enough waffling for today.... lets see if I have something exciting like a pic to post! There we go, mwa and the gorgeous Lindy Olsen :)


Kaddy said...

me thinks netball is way too much of a contact sport! when i first read about the fell my fist thoughts were oh god... the 1/2 marathon... was relieved to read all is ok!!

good luck on the weekend Selina! Will be thinking of you from the comfort of my camping chair :)

Kek said...

I TOLD you you shouldn't have been kneeling in that photo - makes you look short.


Good luck for the 1/2!

Alicia said...

Ah the lovely Lindy. That chick totally ROCKS! xo

Hilds said...

Wow is she really that tall! Hi Selina hope your having a great weekend. My email address is
Cheers Hilds

Shar said...


Have been checking in with your blog regualry just had no time to comment.

I hope your bruising is better and good luck for your 1/2.!!

Must e mail you soon too!

Shar x

LizN said...

Dear Selina

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your running times look awesome! I really hope you enjoy your half marathon. Make sure you visit the bakery for me afterwards!

Liz N