Thursday, May 17, 2007

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good you could eat it up!


That's just what I've just finished doing. What better way than to spend my first break of the day - running round the oval in circles in the hot sun, heavy stumpy legs trying to run faster than they can, almost making myself sick.........!!!! I'm feeling good now, 10 x 400m sprints done and dusted for the week :) Now just waiting for all my training to kick in, and make me run faster... so when will that happen, like....tomorrow?!?! ;) lol

Kelly - I guess it's kinda a new 'do. I got foils through it before I went away so it's a bit lighter, and just a few layers cut through it. That's about it though. May look a bit diff as I didn't straighten it that day... that's me au natural!
Kek - I'm thinking we didn't get introduced to him, that why we don't know his name. That's my excuse anyway :P
Hils - Yea I was kinda fond of that top too... good old LJ comes through again!!
Andj - yes there are perks on 'business' trips :P
Kaddy - With great difficulty........

And here's another one.........


Kaddy said...

u go girl!!!! kick butt!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you are sprinting your little heart out Selina. You go girl!!

And those pics are pretty niiiice..... Hot, hot hot. Lol.

Have a great weekend

Hilary said...

Wow those sprintervals sounds intense!

I liked your singlet so much that I went out and bought one today! Well they say that copying is the finest form of flattery...! :)

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

Great pics from Filex... still mopping the drool as we speak!! Aren't you just my best friend now for posting those... LOL!!

Great to see you kicking butt and taking names with your training... FIRE IT UP!! xxx