Friday, May 25, 2007


Oh my Lordy my legs are hurty today!! New program, new pains :P As well as Sprintervals again yesterday at the oval... no need for further explanation. I'm supposed to be doing hills this afternoon. HA! Feels like I'm walking on jelly, fat chance I'll get up a hill! Also had another shoulder massage... YEEEOUCH!! At least my lil rotator cuff is improving. With all the training, massage and moving heavy objects, I should be getting super duper strong ;P
Tomorrow morning is a 16km run (if I can walk first), then food cook-up, then going out for cocktails and dinner for my lil sis' b'day. (hence the 'possible' hang-over). However at this rate, one drink and I'll be nodding off at the table. Prolly not a bad thing as Sunday is putting the studio back together, then a 10km beach run and finishing it all off nicely with netball training!
YEEEEEEEEEEHAAA!!! I LOVE the weekends!!!!!!!!

*Later on edit* Just doing the blog rounds, checked email, done everything I can to stall... putting off the pile of work I brought home for a Friday nite, sooo what better to do than play with my template!! All the blogs I read are in reverse alphabetical order now :P LoL Being an "S", I know I'm always at the bottom, so I'm trying to start a new trend!!! HA!!!!

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Rebecca said...

Gosh Selina, you must be miss speedy gonzalus with the amount of running you do. Way to go!!

Just run through the pain.... Lol.

Have a great night out with you little sister. Can't wait to hear how it goes.