Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Some pics from FILEX finally!!

Me and Kek with David Rylah - this months (prolly last months now?!) Ironman mag model.
Mr WORLD, Nick Jones (thanks JL!!) and Mwa.
Warren Clampitt and some other muscle man. I was a happy little girlie that day :))


Kelly said...

I love your hair Selina. Is that a new do? The boys are OK too!!! ;)

Kek said...

God, what WAS his name? How bad are we, not remembering? *hangs head in shame*

Hilary said...

Niiiice piccies Selina!! Love your singlet!

Hey way to go on the 20kms too, you are my hero, I dont even think I could jog 5 anymore!

Hilary xx

Andj said...

Cute boys selina - thats the real reason you like going to filex!!
Go on a set the goal of the sub 2 hr 1/2 - it is worth it.
I love running in light rain as well- so much more cooling!

Kaddy said...

hubba hubba! howd u control urself??