Monday, May 07, 2007

P!NK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

The concert was fan-fabulous!!! She is such an entertainer and performer. We had the top tix in the front standing area. The front area was the size of a half basketball court, and it wasn't overfull at all, so they must have sold only limited tickets. It was another time in my life I wished was just a little taller, but we were only about 10 people deep so still had great views. She was so close to us, it was awesome!!!!! Unfortunately we didn't take our cameras in as we were told they wouldn't be allowed, but it was only the super-duper semi professional ones that were banned. We only had our lame camera phones.
Oh, and she has such a hot bod!!!!!!! OMG!!! She did one song in a bikini, and I whacked my sis and said "get a pic of her abs, get a pic of her abs" LoL. One track mind as usual. And so strong!! A few times she and the back-up dancers were twirling around on a piece of rope from the ceiling. It was amazing... and she still managed to sing at the same time!!
It was AWESOME!!! We were on a high for days after it.

Did a lil bit of shopping in the city but did my best to restrain myself after the bank-account draining from Sydney. I did get some black skinny-leg jeans. They're called skinny legs but as I'm such a shortass I have to take them up half a metre which takes away the skinny part.... LOL They were the only pair that I could actually get up my legs... I did have that issue.... fat legs (ok, muscley as my friend said to make me feel better as I was chucking a tanty that nothing was fitting) can't fit into skinny leg jeans!!!!! LOL

Back home last nite to a public holiday here in QLD today. I need it to recover. It's been a few hectic weeks with Sydney and Brisbane within 2 weeks of each other. I've got no more trips away planned for the year at this stage! Which means nothing to look forward to, but also means I can save some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Here's a few pics I've found on some websites...


jodie said...

The Pink concert looked absolutely AWESOME. I saw her sing a couple songs on the MTV awards yesterday on Channel 10 and she is so amazing, singing on that rope thing mid air and not missing a beat. How cool!! Ultimate entertainer, wished I'd bought tix now. Oh well. So glad you had a fantastic time.

Jaime-lee said...

I went to the Adelaide concert with hubby! and he's now in love with her! LOL she was awesome wasnt she! I have seen her 3times now and shes worth every $$$ WHAT A BOD on her hey! I was so impressed, I mean you see her in mags and on the TV but she is one woman that is not botched up with air brushing! shes the REAl DEAL!

Kelly said...

Wow - those photos are amazing! It sounds so great. I've never been to a real concert :(

Hilary said...

Sounds like you had an AMAZING time at Pink, and good that you were so close as well. I want her abs too!

Hilary xx

Sara said...

OMG, OMG... I'm SO envious of you! I mean, not only did you, for example, get to hang out with hot guys and Kek at Filex, then you also got to see PINK live! I agree with Jaime Lee, what's great about her body is that she is strong and looks like she actually might eat.

Di Broeren said...

When I was at the Gold Coast guess who I saw and thought of you? No not Pink....that David dude. That was a rather pleasant view indeed : )

Sounds like you are really enjoying life!


Rebecca said...

Hello that is awesome that you got to see PINK. Woo hoo!! I didn't get to go unfortunately, but can imagine it was just amazing.

It sounds as though you have been a real travel bunny lately, enjoy it! You are making us all envious :)

Have a great weekend

Kaddy said...

OMG I AM SOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!! that is wicked!

lol re your post on my blog.. could u imagine how hot we'd be right now if we weren't so busy being BAD bwaahhaaaahaahahaaaaa lol

Kek said...

The concert looks fabulous - glad you had a great time!

As for skinny-leg jeans...who wants SKINNY legs? Yours are lean and muscular, just how they should be.