Thursday, May 24, 2007

PHEW!! Glad that's done!

This week has been a tiring one.... We're bout to renovate here at work, so Monday after hours (at 8pm) was spent moving alllll of the equipment out of one studio, and cramming it in the other. One 20kg plate weight at a time... no I wasn't smart enough to get a trolley in advance. I never knew how long the hallway was till I had to do that with every single piece of equipment - dumbbells, plates, bars, bikes, balls, you name it, I carried it. Lucky for my daddy, he helped me move the BIG stuff :P Didn't get home till late and was up at 4.30am for a 5.30am start... tired and a little sore from all the lifting!
Brand spanking new carpet went down yesterday, so guess what I had to do in the afternoon. Yup, all the equipment had to move from the studio it was crammed into, and back into the new room. Lucky I had a trolley this time! I tell you, those things are soooo under-rated :P
So weary and tired again, but at least it's done!!!!!!!!
On Sunday carpet cleaners are coming in to do studio #1, so guess what Saturday will be for me?!? You got it! Moving all the stuff OUT of this room to get it looking schmicko again!!!
Sunday, with a possible hang-over (that's a different story!!), moving it allll back in..........
MAN I LOVE RENOVATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kek said...

You do? NOW you tel me! If i knew you loved renovating, I'd have flown you down here and put you to work! But no, you wait till I'm all finished to tell me about your passion.


Hilary said...

LOL Selina, renovations are so much fun arent they?!! Just add missing walls, copious amounts of plaster dust, and electrical cables hanging everywhere, and that's my house!

Hope the hangover isn't too bad on Sunday!

Hilary xx

Selina said...

Hey guys,
I know, I have nothing to complain about!!! i soooooo sympathise with you Kekky baby, all that crap you've had to do!!
And Hils - I remember your move out and your OH latest escapades... I really have nothing to complain about... which is why I didn't really... much...