Friday, June 22, 2007

Record Breaker...

See, told you it was cold here yesterday!!! ;)

Coldest June day in half a century - Daily Mercury 22.06.2007

IF you thought yesterday was one of our coldest days, you might just be on the money.
We will find out at 9am whether the "shocker" broke the record for the lowest June maximum recorded and unless the sun comes out in force this morning, we could shatter the 15-degree record which has stood since June 1961 by more than two degrees.
"You can tell your grandkids you lived in Mackay the day temperatures were less than Melbourne," Bureau of Meteorology technical officer Craig Hall joked.
"It was nasty."
In Mackay, the highest temperature was 11.6 degrees at 3pm. Mackay's average maximum for June is 22 degrees.

At 5am, the temperature was just 8.9 degrees and the Apparent Temperature (with the rain and wind chill factored in) was a frosty 5.6 degrees.
For people in the Pioneer Valley it was even cooler. The temperature hovered below nine degrees all day and there were reports of a minimum of one degree at Crediton, Eungella, early yesterday.
Finch Hatton Gorge resident Warren "Wazza" Swadling, who runs the Platypus Bush Camp, couldn't help but laugh at the expense of a few brave backpackers (English and Canadian) who took a swim in the icy waters yesterday morning.
"I saw the expressions on their faces - even they though it was cold," he said, huddled in front of his heater and wishing he had a "platypus' coat" to protect him.
Thick cloud is to blame for the cold day with the sun unable to let through a chink of light or warmth. A massive upper trough in central Australia has caused the rain but skies might clear later this afternoon.


RaeC said...

Toughen up princess!! ;o)

Poor you... fancy having to deal with just 11.6 degrees... don't worry, I am suffering with you... ours was a balmy 17!! Sure you don't want to move to Perth???

As for surviving cold weather, I've found a nice warm jacket, socks, boots, jeans and a scarf, hat and gloves works fine. As long as your extremeties are warm, so is the rest of you.

Keep training hard xxx

Kek said...

I thought it was a misprint when I saw yesterday's temperature in Townsville. Obviously not.

Never fear, you delicate little hothouse flower, I have plenty of warm clothes to share - you'll survive a few days in Melbourne next month, I promise.

Oh, perhaps this will make you feel better - imagine going to the gym at 5:00am when the temperature is below zero. And the gym is a big steel barn. Dumbbells CAN freeze right onto your fingers, you know.