Saturday, May 31, 2008


First - not so nice news :( Today I saw my lil bro and his GF shopping, she was trying on dresses for the races next weekend. My bro was talking to my OH while I goo-gaaed her looking gorgeous. Chatted for a bit and left. My OH said "You know he just told me they broke up. He's just with her today as friends shopping". I nearly burst into tears in the shopping centre. My voice went shaky and tears welled up... They've been together about two and half years. She's such a sweet girl, and he's nuts about her. I have that 'problem' where I take on everyone else's issues and feelings and it cuts me so deep. I don't know whether I was crying for him and the pain as my little brother he would be feeling, or if it was for the fact I won't see her anymore as she's become part of the furniture, or just because it's a sad thing to happen to anyone. My bro did come to me later today and we had a good chat... I gave him the big sister 'been there done that' kind of advice, and I think he's actually listening :) It was nice, as I'm 7 years older than him, we've never really been 'close' in a close way if you get me, but I'm glad he knows he can talk to me about that stuff when he needs to. And luckily I don't have that bad feeling in my chest and stomache anymore, that deep, horrible sensation.

Because, after all.......... I HAVE THE HALF MARATHON TOMORROW! (You see, it's always about me :P)

It's forecast to be very windy which is not good as the last 3kms of the run is done along the beach (on a road though), so is veeerrryyyy blowy. I swear when it's really bad no one can run in a straight line. Then add in the legs which have just run 18kms. Today has been overcast, raining and cold. So if it stays like that, hold the rain and the wind ;), conditions should be perfect!

EEEKK! I've picked up my race kit (GO NUMBER #59!!!) ;), got the clothes ready on the bed. I've just gotten an attack of nerves though... my training partner and I have just been finalising our race plan. We're goaling for a.... wait for it... sub 1hr 50m run... eeek. I didn't want to say it out loud as we may not go under it... but anyway, there. I've said it :) My inital goal was to better last year and go under 1hour 55mins. Then everyone at RR pushed me... You'll go under 1hr50m. Gee, no pressure guys :P Coach said I have a 'very strong chance'. Just got to PACE MYSELF, you know, that thing I have a problem with... so I don't burn out too early, need to come home strong!
OK so there's a bit of *wafle waffle* yes I must be nervous...

So the plan is:

4.45am - wake up. Chances are, I will be awake anyway as I can never get a decent sleep the night before a big run. Of course. Just when I need the sleep!

4.50am - straight into warm shower. Put eyes in and race gear on + dressing gown & ugg boots for the kitchen.

5.00am - breakfast, will have the usual. 1/3c oats + 1/2 cottage cheese. I've recently read you shouldn't have too much protein before a run as it can play up in your stomache, but I have that every single day, including all previous runs, so I'll try to ignore that 'research', and go with what I always do!

5.10am - strap foot. I usually do this the night before and sleep in it, but last time it drove me insane and got so hot and itchy that in my sleep I tore it all off.

5.25am - shoes on, check strapping and insoles are all in right position. Fix if have to. Use biro to mark on hand 5km split times I need to be under to reach goal!

5.30am - Check everything needed is in backpack including spare clothes, towel and a COMB! (I never seem to have a comb in my bag after I've washed my hair!). Grab water, gatorade, food after double check GUs are in pocket of race shirt.

5.40am - at the latest. In the car, straight to the start. Shouldn't be too much traffic on road that early on a Sunday morning.

6.00am - Should be there. Dump my bag, learn the course, chat to everyone, psyche myself up.

6.10am - last toilet run.

6.13am - warm up for 2-3 minutes before taking jacket off. Don't want to warm up too long, I've gotta survive 21.1kms, there's a lot of warming up to do in there!!

6.30am - race begins!

8.30am - my fate is determined :P

There's also a 5km fun run that starts at 8.30am. I've got seven excited clients I've talked into giving it a go. I most probably won't see them before the start as I'll still be running, or just coming in. They're determined to see me... which won't be a pretty site coming over the finish line!! I'll be there with my camera as they finish though, I can't wait to see how they go!! I'll convert everyone to running just yet.... *evil giggle*

10am is random prize drawers including $1000 worth of stuff from our local sports store. One being a pair of the latest, not-even-on-the-shelves-yet Asics Kayanos. THEY ARE SOOOO MINE!!! I'd even sacrifice my goal time for them.
Maybe not.
Who am I kidding... NO WAY!! ;)

PS: I did buy the LJ top today!! YAY!! Will be part of my post-race outfit :P


Kek said...

Well, bummer about the family news. :o(

But YAY for your race tomorrow! Good luck and all that...I'll be waiting for the race report!

Doris's New Beginning! said...

good luck Selina, looking forward to yr sub 1hr 50min..................I also love the singlet.
LJ at the Dome don't have them yet.


Andj and M said...

Good luck for tomorrow morning Selina - you will do great! Love how organised you are. I am not so sure about the no stopping me part - just getting my fitness back up to scratch will be the first challenge. i do have that lovely I exercised today feeling though. It is such a good stress reliever.

Shar said...

Good Luck Sel!!!

back to blog asap with your time and race day news.

Shar x

Kristy said...

Best of luck Selina.

Hope the race went well, looking forward to the report...