Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cripes, where'd I pull that from!?!?!?

Today's training plan was a 3km Time Trial. Actually it was yesterday's plan, but, well... let's not go there. This morning I did RPM and caned it, but still had to do the time trial... that's what I love about having someone to check in to! I couldn't wuss out of it!

As I mentioned before, I've had a very disrupted 4 weeks with training and have conveniently opted out of the speed sessions in favour of the slower ones, when I've needed rest, so my speed hasn't been put to the test too much lately.

Based on that, coach said a strong run would be either side of 14mins. Last time trial earlier in the year I did in 14.06. His other instructions: DO NOT run the first km any faster than 4:40.


Seems I have a wee problem pacing myself.

I was against the wind and it hurt from the word go. My legs were so heavy (RPM certainly would have contributed to that!), I was so sure the first km would be at least 5mins .
I looked at my watch... 4:14. WTF?!?!? How'd that happen??

Righto, keep it strong, no need to go faster, just hold the pace or back off slightly as to not throw up. Passed the 2km mark in 8:52, so as expected, slowed down a bit.

In the back of my mind my 2005 PB of 13.46 was sitting there, wanting to rear it's ugly head, but odds were against me doing a newie today...

Last km was a lap of the park. A loop that seems to never end. Unfortunately there were a few people around, I'm sure they would have heard my breathing and talking to myself from 100m away. "COME ON".

I nearly passed out as I went over the finish line at the 3km mark... HOLY CRAPOLA, 13.20. After I crippled over, I had to double, and triple check the clock. Yep, I did it. I couldn't breathe, but I had done it! AND I wasn't in a real race, where there were people to catch-up to!

I was in quite a lot of pain and wondered why the HELL do I do this. And considered 'retiring' from all forms of running right there and then. But after about 2mins rest, the pain was gone and I jogged, very slowly, for another 25mins.

Runs like that prove that the PLEASURE of doing a PB and running strong, way outweigh the PAIN of the race -a few hours later that is :P


Now, better let coach know... Hope I'm not in tooo much trouble for being bad and going against his wishes by going out way too fast ;P


Kek said...

Bugger the know you love it!

Nice work!

Kristy said...

Congrats Selina, a great time...

Lyndsay said...

Woo Hoo! Imagine if you hadn't done RPM in the morning!

You might just have to face girl - your hard work is paying off!

linda said...

fabulous! I felt the adenalin just by reading what you went through!