Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend!

Lyndsay back stage.
Show us your abs!
Shelley & Lyndsay
Mwa, Sue and Carolyn. Love the distance, couldn't get any of that yukky brown stuff on us ;)

It started nice and early on Friday morning when Lyndsay and Steve collected me from the airport. It was great to see Lyndsday in person again - it's been about 2 and a half years!! I got to meet their Little Boy, he is just adorable!! He couldn't stop staring at the strange girl beside him in the car who was trying to make conversation with him :) Very cute! Lyndsay & Steve had to register for the comp, and Shelley was there so I got to meet her and have a chat :)

They dropped me at Intraining Run Centre where I got my new shoes! Yay! I'm now an Adidas girl - will see if my feet agree :) Went back to the city and did some browsing then went back to the hotel and met Carolyn and Heidi for the first time, and caught up with Sue. We sat round chatting for a bit - and making Carolyn practise her poses, before Sue and I went for a bite to eat.

Went for an hour run on Saturday morning along the path at Southbank. It was a gorgeous day, and soooo many runners and cyclists out. Perfect start to the day.

The comp - walked in and straight away saw heaps of people I knew. Although it did take me longer than it should have to register Hils and Alicia... and I've met them both in 'real life' before! I think I was just excited to be there and my brain couldn't register quick enough ;) Andj come along and by now the brain was working. Liz hobbled over next and it was really great to speak to everyone in person :) I went backstage to see how Lyndsday was doing - and she was just fine! No nerves, nice and calm, she was keen to get on there and let the 'inner goddess shine!' I felt quite important having the backstage pass around my neck most of the day ;) Comp was great - all the girls looked fab :) We celebrated with dinner on Saturday nite and it was good to chat to everyone a bit more.

Sunday we had an IBO photo shoot at Southbank. Nice windy and cool weather. Dallas & his 'helper' Lindy took some great shots. Was nice to see Lindy again and hear of her experiences. Next was a late lunch, some more shopping, and out to dinner at an Asian restaurant for Carolyn, Heidi, Zita, Sue and myself. Food was great, wine was better!! I certainly learnt a lot, and I know what I like now!! ;)

Monday I had a half day before I had to fly home. Met Carolyn & Heidi for breakfast, then said buh-bye to Sue & Zita and did more shopping before going home. Had a killer of a headace develop mid-morning, definitely wine-induced me thinks, but it was worth-it!!!

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