Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Bottomless Pit

That is my stomache! I'm so hungry, and it's just annoying!!!!!! I seem to never stop eating. Super duper metabolism, or something like that ;)

Must reign it in though, I've been a little carefree the past week, and it's showing on the evil scales, but more so in just how I'm feeling. Time to tighten it up, or that's what my pants are going to be doing. I'm feeling sluggish too, tired, all the time.

Or maybe that's just from all the running I was a little unprepared for on the weekend.

Only 5 more sleeps till the half marathon! ;)

Oh and on my last post - just wanted to clarify that OH's dad was in no way referring to me being 'over' weight in any way. Mackay gal, Olympian Benita Johnson had been featured in the newspaper in preparation for the marathon, and she appears really skinny - which is the only way to describe the pic - than when running the 10,000m. He was referring to the fact that I will never have that lean, middle-distance runners body, coz i'm just not that build :P


RaeC said...

*pfffft* what would he know!! You are so like me... the easiest way to get me to do something is tell me I either won't end up doing it, or I can't do it!!

Hang in there with the hunger girl... sounds like the metabolism is cranked!!

Have a great week xxx

Sue Heintze said...

I have also had a visit these last couple of days from the hunger monster!!! Could eat a horse! Good luck for your big run, don't know how you do it!