Saturday, May 24, 2008

How To Christen Brand New Running Shoes...

Prepare to do about an hour run.
Put NEW shoes on while still half asleep and without seeing the outside conditions.
Start running in the dark.
Oops it's raining lightly, but should pass.
Onto beach - OK, this wasn't in the plan for the Breaking in of New Shoes
And what better way to test their stability than to do some rock climbing, on wet slippery rocks.
Realise this is going to be a looong run, forget the one hour.
Now it's really pouring down, shoes are holding water and feeling 2kgs each.
Now we can't even see, shoes are squeaking and slooshing about - won't even mention that our clothes have become wetsuits... (now there is a reason I don't do triathlons)
On the home straight, the pathway has become a fast-flowing river ankle deep. No point salvaging the shoes now.
Finally arrive back at shelter 18kms later, take shoes off, pour out excess water.
Stuff with newspaper and put in warm spot. Except there's still no sun.
Admire the newly acquired blisters on feet.

At least I did learn today that you shouldn't dry running shoes infront of a heater... apparently the stuffing with newspaper is the trick. Let's hope the shoes don't get out of shape or lose their bounce they started with before becoming waterlogged...


Hilary said...

OH NO!!! Not the lovely new shoes! Hope they survive in perfect shape... :)

Hil xx

Kek said...


little rene said...

Hey Selina!

Just thought I would tell you that I think that you have absolutely stunning eyes! They are beautiful!

You look great in all of the photos, a picture of health and happiness :)

Kristy said...

Sounds like an interesting run...

linda said...

Good to see you are cautious and are taking things SLOWLY!! lol

Anupam said...

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