Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Outtie...

I managed to fit in a whole heap of stuff in this busy short week (for me).
*3 x weight sessions
*2 x 50min runs
*1 x RPM
*1 x 30min-ish interrupted walk (don't ya hate it when you see ppl you know and you really have to stop and chat).

I've been to 2 seminars, got to schoomze with Justin Herald yesterday, bought a new suitcase today and made an impulse purchase on a new handbag. ...And I haven't even hit the Brisvegas stores yet.

I've packed, been waxed, spray tanned, printed itineraries and directions to here there and everywhere (bet I still get lost at least once though!!).

And I've also worked!!! :)

Now to spend some last minutes with "what am I gonna do all weekend" OH!

So looking forward to seeing my gal Lyndsay, and Carolyn on stage!! They are gonna ROCK!!! Can't wait to meet lotsa ppl and catch up with others again :)

So see some of you soon, and everyone else enjoy your weekend!!


Kek said...

OY! Have a fab time!


Aaron says hi - and also "shotgun!"

Kristy said...

Have a great weekend Selina

Cherub said...

Selina - I just tagged you, blame kek. Details at my blog.