Friday, February 02, 2007

And the Heavens opened...............
and opened and opened, and stayed open a bit longer.
MY LORDY we've had some rain, and I don't just mean rain, I mean RAIN!!!!!!!!
It has PELTED down for 3 days now, and there's no sign of it stopping yet. Alot of our major connecting roads are closed, one of the bridges is closed, it's just chaos on the roads - they're all flooded!! Where my studio is situated is the last block before the River, and high tide was at 11am - it was to be 5.8m, but with all the flooding over 7m was expected! I don't know quite what it was, but a few businesses closer to the river (only 3 down from me!) were told to evacuate, and the police were sandbanking the river, coz it was gonna burst its banks!! One of my trainers is stuck in her house, about 75% of my clients today cancelled, and school's called off for most kiddies... the problem is, if you leave your house you may not get back in if a road you use is flooded! I went to do the banking only one block down - they were closed, and I counted numerous other businesses who were closed due to bad weather.
So it's all fun and games here :) I'm lucky, I have no bridges to cross, or no low roads to get home, so who's the sucker still at work. ;P As much as I love the rain, and before today we really did need it, but most people I've talked to are!!! I feel like an animal that's been chained up for days... I just want to get out and run around!!!

On other notes, not alot happening in my world. It's been another busy busy week, I'm getting everything in order so I can take a deep breath on Wednesday when I hop on the plane and not have to think about work.... much :)

I trained legs on Tuesday, I don't know what I did so different, but I've been walking around like Tinman from Wizard of Oz... not fun!! It was back and bis yesterday and there's a bit of tenderness there too! Yeeeeehaa!!

Have a nice wet weekend!!! I'll be doing the sloth-thing!!!!!!!


jodie said...

Yeah I heard about the rain on the news tonight and immediately thought of you. Stay dry!! :) I love your comment about walking like tin-man, nice one. Not long til Melbourne, yah!!

Kek said...

Pleeeze bring some of that water down with you, will ya? Just fill your suitcases and drop them off at my place. My garden will thank you.

Nice job on the leg workout!

Chontelle said...

I hope you survive the rain! And hope you have a great trip!

Chontelle xx

Anonymous said...

Drought straight to floods, it's a bitter sweet situation Selina Here's hoping it eases up soon so that you can get out and stretch your tin man legs. LOL!! Have a great weekend! :o) xx

Kelly said...

I Selina, hopefully the rain will sink into the ground and not just destroy everything in it's path!!!! We used to get really bad floods where I grew up in Gippsland each year, but they kinda stoped in the mid 1990's, around the time it started to get dryer and dryer.
Hey, how many people live in Mackay???

Hilary said...

I was thinking of you too when I heard that our Mackay office had to close... hope it eases off soon - or you can send it down south a bit further!

Hope the tin-man legs are feeling a bit better!

Hilary xx