Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ummm.... OUCHYYY!!!!
Geez I've had a big week of it! My last post mentioned a little tenderness in my lats... well that quickly developed into A LOT of soreness!! I can't remember the last time I was this sore in my back. I trained chest yesterday, and my god that now hurts too! I'm just one big lump of soreness ;P I have no idea why my DOMS is so bad this week!

I had a nite 'in' which ended up later being 'out' with my sis. Her hubby went out at the last minute with a mate, so I went round there and we watched a girlie movie and had a cocktail each - left-overs from her NYE party! After much deliberating we decided to head out too, she was eventually going to pick her hubby up later in the nite anyway, so no better way to pass the hours :)

Well I felt old, unfashionable and totally past my expiry date!!! But it was my first time out in 6 months so I was happy to see what it was like... I haven't missed much... drinks being spilt by other people on me, almost sliding over on the alcohol soaked floors, being leered at by drunks...!!!!!!! On the flip-side I did catch up with a few people I haven't seen in a long time! It was fun to go with my sis as we don't get to do all that much together anymore.

It's still raining here. Its eased off heaps, nothing like Friday's downpour - which I did see made the national news!! WHOO HOO, we ARE on the map up here ;P - but still haven't seen the sun for almost a week!

I hope the weather is nice in Melbourne! Only three days to go now!! I'm so excited... have I mentioned that before?!?!? LOL

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, whatever you're doing!!!


Kek said...

Weather forecast: fine and mid- to high 20s.

Check it out:

Perfect sightseeing weather!

Di Broeren said...

Hope you have an absolutely sensational trip to Melbourne!

jodie said...

Not long now Selina, not long at all... Have a wonderful trip!!

Kek said...


5 more sleeps till Sunday!

Andj said...

Ahh funny - I feel exactly the same when I go out now. I feel sooo unfashionable and that I could never possibly be skinny enough to fit into the fashionable clothes!

Selina said...

Ta Kerryn, I have been keeping an eye on things - and that temp is just perfect for me!!
Di - I'm sure I won't even have to try!! It just will be :)
Jodie - I know... tomorrow morning now!! ;)
Kek - And whose NOT counting ;) LoL
Andj - lol. I'm hearing ya!! I look like a badly dressed pregnant sack of potatoes in all those gorgeous high waisted dresses in at the moment. It's quite depressing really.

Hilary said...

You havent been out in 6 months - I reckon I havent been out like that in YEARS!! LOL! I think once you're older than 25 you feel old in those places, dont worry - you're not old!! And just think of all the funky clothes you can buy in MELBOURNE!!

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

You sound like me!! I go out once every year and only end up reminding myself of why I don't go out much anymore... LOL!!

Great to hear you are experiencing major DOMS!! Keep up the great training hon xxx

Hilds said...

Hey Selina guess what - "The Sun is out and we have a beautiful blue sky in Cairns today", I hope it makes its way down to Mackay. Its amazing what a bit of sun will do, and I actually got to run outside today, amazing. Enjoy your trip to Melbourne!

jodie said...

ok, how is Melbourne?? Are you having a ball?? do tell!

Kek said...

I totally corrupted her...made her eat ice cream from Charmaine's AND chocolates from Koko Black. :-)

Hope you had a safe trip home, Gorgeous!