Monday, February 26, 2007

"Gee That's Huuuge!"

That was a comment I received in the gym on the weekend. And no, it wasn't about the size of my backside!!! LoL I was doing Smith Machine chest presses and one of the men said "gee you're going alright", then the gym instructor walked past and said that... I got a little worried then!! It's been awhile since I'd done that exercise and was fretting that maybe I did put too much on the bar... yes, it was nice and heavy, but still do-able, I got out 3 sets of 8 and was pleased as punch! That set the tempo for a very good session, so I was a happy little girwl.

My woeful, whingey, whiney week ended eventually. I can finally walk again and am due to do legs again today, but I am too scared!!! LoL My ulcer situation got worse, I only had 4-5 hours of sleep Wednesday and Thursday nites due to the pain, I was up 4 times one nite trying anything and everything for it to go away! I had to start work at 5am or 5.30am each morning, so by the end of the week I was exhausted, just so over-tired I could have burst into tears.

Does anyone have any suggestions for helping with ulcers, whether it's an old wives tale or tried and tested theory? I've done Kenalog, difflam gel, bonjella, mouth washes, salt water, even resorted to vegemite which did wake a few ppl up in the wee hours in the morning... YEOUCH!!! I was back at the chemist on Saturday and she told me... DOCTOR!! My face was swollen, couldn't talk/eat without pain - sure kept me outta the fridge! ;) LoL I was given SM33 gel, man that works a treat by numbing it... until it wears off 30mins later!! It's finally getting better now so I'm not going to the doc :)

I had a mini shopping spree on Saturday! I bought a new dress... yes a dress!! I FINALLY found one that doesn't make me look like a peach ball, or a toilet roll doll :) I shall have to take a pic and post it when I'm feeling brave :) It's my biffy next Tuesday so I'm saving it for the weekend after when I'm having a mini-celebration. It'll be good to feel all girly for once!!!

Righto, best be off. In the middle of working out what sessions to do at Filex, it's oh-so-hard! Just got off phone to kek, we want the best of both worlds, the business-growing sessions, the interactive ones where we can work out, and the ones with the hot boys as the presenter... And of course they all clash!! ;)

Have a wonderful week!!!


Hilary said...

Ooooh a dress! Yes we must see photographic evidence! I have trouble finding dresses that I like too - much more comfy in pants.

I sympathise with the ulcers... sounds like you have tried everything that I've tried. One doctor told me that they run in the family, and if you get them, you'll always get them. Not a pleasant thought. Anyway, the glutamine has kept mine away for months now.

Hope you get some relief soon...

Hilary xx

Kek said...

Ulcers...ugh. I used to be plagued by them, now my littlest boy gets them all the time. You shoulda gone to the doc! If they were that bad and hung around that long, you prolly needed some serious ulcer-butt-kicking drugs.

I'm taking my Filex brochure to work tomorrow, no time to look at it tonight. I'll let you know what I decide. Hot Bosu Guy still looks more fun than a boring lecture.

Andj said...

Ulcers really suck! My trick that works for me is to rinse with listerine a few times a day - should clear up pretty fast. Hurts though!