Sunday, May 16, 2010

And then there were Six!

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Time is FLYING

Each day is one closer to the stage... EEK! I should be getting my 'kini hopefully Tuesday, (Jo emailed to say she posted it Friday) so I can't wait for that to practice in it! I chose my colour but told her to "surprise me" with the decorating, so that will be exciting!

Loving the weekend so far; had a quiet night at home by myself on Friday, and got started on something - sorting through some crapola - then wish I'd never started it, coz I had to finish it! Had a late night by hitting the sack at 10pm and had a SLEEP-IN yesterday morning. Felt lazy though (of course) when I did get out, but had my hair blow-dried Friday so couldn't get it all messed up ;) coz I did a studio photo shoot yesterday morning! Had heaps of fun, I was there for three hours and it FLEW by!! It's always fun playing supermodel for a few hours.

Early night last night then up early for the most glorious beach walk. I was at a different beach to the one I go to daily near my house. My grandparents have a beach house, OK, maybe that's sensationalising it - an overgrown chook shed - it's over 80 years old and has survived every cyclone that's threatened. Anyway, it's on the beachfront and as kids we were there all the time with our cousins. Loved collecting shells, swimming in the enclosure and chasing moonlighters. Over the years it was interesting to see the beach change shape, and one thing I noticed was that the shells disappeared. There were just never any!

So this morning I drove out to walk on this beach and was really excited to see heaps of shells again. And funky ones. Do I sound like a dork? It's the small things :) So I came home with a bag full to put, well, somewhere. I felt 10 years old again, and it was a goooood feeling. I can't wait to take my lil niece to do fun, simple stuff like that.

My cousin is a freelance journalist, and has written the most beautiful blog post "My Easter in and Over-Grown Chook House", which had us all feeling a little sentimental. She's a very gifted writer :) (And I just added that part in if anyone has spare time and wishes to read a feel-good piece of writing.)

Anywho, I got carried away there. It was just a realllllly nice way to start the day, and a distraction from the one-way track thinking of comp comp comp comp comp comp.......

Waffle over - Time for some food for my tum-tums!!!

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Jehanne said...

Awesome chicky! Cant wait to see some pics!!!!!!!!!!! All the best for your last week hun xx