Friday, May 07, 2010

The Cold Has Come!!!

ICK! The last few mornings, rising early to get my cardio on, have been CHILLY!!!!!!! It's certainly made me move my buttocks anyway :)

Loving my sessions in the morning, if I DON'T get out at 5am (which is like... maybe once a week) it's only coz I need to recover. Then I feel guilty for being a sloth and staying in bed! ;) I'm at the stage of comp prep where my legs are sore 24/7 from constantly using them. My good old Skins and 2XU compression tights do help though.

I'm on auto-pilot now... yes sometimes it all just sux, yes I'm tired, yes I'm sore, yes I'm hungry... but so is every other competitor!




Magda said...

Aaaah another 5am trainer. I thought I was the only crazy one so its nice to know I'm not alone. Finish strong!!


Gillian said...

Hi Selina,
It's amazing how you get used to the early starts. 7am now feels like a sleep-in. All the best in these final two weeks, I know you are going to look incredible!
By the way, I would love to know what you call cold? I imagine Toowoomba cold and MacKay cold are two totally different things!!:)

SeLiNa said...

Thanks Magda!
Hey Gill - long time no 'see'! Yes well... I think you win in the cold stakes! Although my low levels of body fat at the moment count for more points right? hehee
My cousin lives in Toowoomba and yes, has told some 'horror' stories!!

Kerry W said...

Hey Selina

Not long to go now girl...keep it coming! ;)

Jehanne said...


BTW - my boots are from spendless shoes - $60.00, wearing grey/silvery leggings that cost $25.00, hahaha - I never spend much on clothing! My top - cant remember - but it would not have been expensive either... luv u xx