Monday, May 17, 2010


Time is a-flying!

Early-ish wake up to head down to the beach to organise a new boxing session we've got happening down there. Once the trainer got the session started, I took off on my powerwalk. It started to rain, but what can you do!

Considering I'm sorta-kinda off work this week, I only popped into do a few odd jobs. THREE hours later I left! ARGH! Then gym, food, dentist, drop LJ gear back at the shopping centre, few groceries, to my sis' house for payroll training, to massage, eat, home to pose and eat to here right now! Day off ended up being busy!

The dentist said my teeth are great, however I got in trouble for brushing them toooo much. I have been told by anyone that witnesses me cleaning that I must have OCD when it comes that... yes only soft toothbrushes now for me, as I've worn away the enamel and my gums may recede... or something... still - ewww! Poor toosy-pegs!

Better be GONE! Bed beckons. Dream land, here I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ann said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes!!! I am sure you will kick butt just like the last one!!!!!! ALMOST THERE!!!!

Shaboom said...

Then there was 3!!!! Sooo close now, very exciting. Those teeth of yours are going to sparkle on stage. he he C u soon. xx