Monday, August 27, 2007

Short and Sweet...

Time flies... it's been over a week! Not alot to say anyway! Things have been crazy busy at work... spring coming, so the phones are ringing. :) It's a struggle to squeeze time in to look after me, but I'm managing OK :)
We had a social event for work on the weekend - paintball. One word... OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
I've got some awesome war wounds to show for my efforts, we're all struggling a little today with bruises in uncomfortable places!
The weather is just great at the moment! Won't be long till it's toooo hot during the day, so I plan on making the most of it while it's gorgeous like today.
Have a nice week :)


Ali said...

SPRING!! YEAY, So glad that it is on the way, has to be my favourite time of the year,

I have never played paintball, heard it can be fun, have a great week and find time for you!!


Kristy said...

I love spring. Adelaide is gorgeous as well. Doesn't just lift you mood.

Paintball. Only done it once and ouch! It really does hurt and doesn't taste very nice either!

Hilary said...

Ouch paintball bruises = pain!! Hope you're not too sore. Enjoy the nice weather before it gets too hot!

RaeC said...

*sniffle*... there's no warm spring weather over here!! LOL!! Sounds like you might have some paintball bruises girl!! Hope they heal quickly, but more importantly I hope you had a whole lot of fun :o) xxx

Kek said...

Funny how Spring makes people 'suddenly' realise they're not at their best. ;-) My phone and email have gone nuts too.