Thursday, August 09, 2007


Here's a pic from a few weekends ago at a 21st - western theme. Couldn't resist the opportunity to be a pretty in pink rhinestone cowgirl. Was a good nite, I thought I'd be a bit of a granny, but I fit in OK. ;)

So I've been MIA again... my mojo went missing again... I had my long training run on Saturday morning, and my after about 7kms I had to turn back and ended up hobbling all the way home. My poor feet played up again. It happens every time I get into a proper routine. Ice and rest was in order the rest of the weekend. I'm thinking I may need to pay a podiatrist a visit, as it's quite a regular thing lately. Anyway that shattered my confidence in thinking I'd be prepared for a 28km run in 8 weeks, but with enforced rest this week, they're feeling OK :)

I had a nothing weekend for the rest of it, and it was the magic pill. I got decent rest, didn't place any pressure on myself to complete this task or that task, did nothing work related, and actually slept in on Sunday - I got a decent amount of sleep. I bopped out of bed Monday morning for work, full of beans and sooo refreshed. It's carried through all this week, my mojo is back, food choices have been heaps better, I feel GOOD... All because of a decent sleep. Who would've thought. Goes to show how much the little amout I do get messes with my head, then affects all daily tasks... I sound like a sooky la-la, but whatever....

Trained upper body yesterday for first time in 3 weeks, and am happy to say that my shoulder is feeling OK :))) My legs are still caning from Tuesday, but that's normal ;) I had a great session, when I felt a bit whingey, I said to me "C'mon, you need strong legs for your trail run", then nothing seemed impossible ;) Mind over matter...

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing" - Abraham Lincoln


Anonymous said...

Pink's my favourite colour so I love the pink hat. ;o)

Kek said...

NEVER underestimate the importance of rest and sleep. Why do we have to keep learning those simple lessons over and over and over....?

Love the cowgirl pic!

Hilary said...

The pink suits you!

A good nights sleep can sometimes cure so much! Glad to hear that you're back into it. Hope your feets are ok.

Hilary xx

Hilds said...

Its amazing what a good nights sleep can do. In my job I notice a dramatic difference in my moods, energy and just how I function on different amounts of sleep! I'll take sleep over drugs anyday! Looks like the party was fun. Should be in Mackay next week, with furniture and all. I can't wait!

Lozza said...

Love the pink chick! It's my fav colour too.

Kek is so right, never underestimate the importance of rest and sleep!

Take it easy and have a great weekend :)

Selina said...

LoL, I love it too Lia, couldn't resist.
Kek, I know, I know, but I keep on doing it to myself, sometimes it can't be helped though :(
Hils - why thankya. Feets are ok.
Hilds - Amen to that!!
Lox - thank you, and right back atchya