Friday, August 17, 2007

Just like Christmas :) was on Wednesday. After collecting a parcel from the freight carrier depot, I came home to find another one at the door, and also my Ultra Fit mag which I subscribe to, in my mail box. And for once there were no bills!! So I got books, a new schmiko set of scales, and a new mag to play with, all in the same day :) I love ordering online :)

I had a rough start to the week, which ended up in my having Monday off work (shock, horror). Lucky the staff are wonderful and can keep everything in line without the big bad boss hanging around. I had an awesome week of weight training, my back is still hurting from Monday!! I had some of my OHs magic potions he takes before training, and whether is was psychological or not, crap I've never been that sore I don't think. It takes a lot for my back to get serious DOMS! Legs are still sore from Wednesday, and I can feel a sore chest coming on.

My shoulder is finally improving, although it's a bit painful after today's workout. My chiro must know what he's talking about when he advised to change the ways I do this and that at work. I'm very hopeful, it has after all been hanging around since December last year :(

My running goals have had a spanner thrown in. Although I'm keen for the 28km run end of September, I'm going to have to pull out. I just won't be ready in time. I'm doing 2 hour runs with hills included, but by the end I'm rat-poop, and I really should be running about 3 hours worth at this stage. I'm about 6-8 weeks too late with training, and the trouble I'm having with my feet isn't helping (although, besides some mammoth blisters, the arches are behaving *touch wood*). I don't want to kill myself doing it, there's always next year. Plus, my bestest friend in the whole wide world is going to be back from overseas at that time visiting before she moves home to Brisbane! I haven't seen her in a whole year, so we've got LOTS to catch up on :)

Have a great weekend all. I had a late nite with a painful toe keeping me awake (yes another foot 'issue'), then a 3am call from staff member calling in sick... I didn't get back to sleep after that, so I've gotta hit the hey!


PS: Pic of me and my friend before at her going away drinks before she left last year for Canada. Many a drink was consumed :)


Anonymous said...

If you need to change the way you train shoulders, then I suggest you check out this post and links. They don't call them shoulder savers for nothing: :o)

Hilary said...

I love getting parcels!! I get so excited when I receive a box of supplements - I feel like a kid a Christmas too!

Thats no good about the September run, I hope your feets get better!

Hilary xx

Ali said...

I love getting parcels as well hehe

Sorry to hear you have to pull out of your run, look after your feet!!and hope they are well and truly feeling better

have a great weekend