Thursday, August 30, 2007

Off to war....

Here's a pic from Paintball on Saturday. That's me and one of the other trainers from work behind me. I was told I looked 'cute' in my gear... not quite the look I was after when going to 'war'!! ;)


Andj said...

Lol - I had to look really hard to see you in all that cammo Selina!

Kek said...

They're not exactly the most flattering garments, are they? I don't think the colour is entirely you, either.

Shar said...

Very Cute Sel!!!!!

I like it!!

Hope your bruses are disappearing!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Your a gem.
Shar xx

Lozza said...

Ouch! Doesn't paint balling hurt? I'd be too much of a woosey girl!!

Hope you kicked some butt!

Mandy said...

Think we are gonna have ta call you "Selina Warrior Princess" ... lol ... green is sooo your colour darlink :-)

Ali said...

Was it fun?? always wondered but never done it, I think you look cute as well ;)

have a great weekend, owe your co-worker ,looks cheeky!!