Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hope everyone had a good weekend?!
My best friend got home from Canada last Thursday nite and is staying in town for 3 weeks, so needless to say, we've been busy causing mischief!
Had a friends birthday dinner on Friday nite, then a hen's nite on Saturday nite, and you know what happens on those!! It was a pub crawl, and right at the end of the nite as we were being driven back into town, the bus broke down.... so we had to push it!!!!!!!!!! It would have been the funniest sight for the other cars, all these chicks in bright pink feather boas pushing a school bus...!! My friend and I were the last to end the nite - we got home at 4am... I didn't think I was capable of staying out that late anymore!! LoL
Sunday we spent at the beach, where our friend got to meet all our other friends babies that had been born in the past year while she was away. It was fun, although I'm a little bit sunburnt. Summer is definitely here :)
Have a good week, I'll be back at some stage or other......

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Hilary said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I stayed up until 2am on Saturday night - I didn't think I was capable of that anymore either!! LOL! We sound old!

Have a great week