Monday, December 24, 2007

It's been 5 years...

Since my white Christmas in Canada. I was fortunate to spend it with my two bestest friends in the whole wide world. One I was travelling with, the other was on her honeymoon and we met up in Whistler in BC to spend Christmas together. This is us on Christmas Eve wondering through Whistler Village. It was magical!

This is the view from our room when we woke on Christmas morning. The Christmas trees were covered in newly fallen snow!

This is our snowman "Rudolph". He was alot harder to build then we thought!!

Memories, memories. I would love to experience another one, but only if my whole family comes next time. :)


I'm loving being on holidays :) Alot of my clients said "you must be looking forward to sleeping in and just relaxing and doing nothing", my response was quite the opposite "no way, I can't wait to get out and train and train and train as much as I'd like to every day!!" They look at me like I'm sick.

I went for a cycle with dad yesterday morning for 70mins, then tried a transition change and went straight into a 40minute run. Gawd, that's a lot harder than the pros make it look! ;) My legs were wobbly for the first 20mins, I probably looked a little tipsy!! Today it's off to the gym to smash the legs and do shoulder rehab.


Tonite is Christmas mass and then our traditional party at my nan's house. It's such a special part of Christmas for us, and it means alot to her as well. One more sleep!!


Kek said...

You're not mad - I feel exactly the same way. Lots of time for training, YAY!

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.....

Kek said...

Happy New Year, baby! Hope you're feeling relaxed....