Saturday, December 22, 2007

In the Spirit...


I've been doing the countdown for about 10 weeks now, and now there's only THREE sleeps to go!! We had our Christmas Cardio Circuit at work today (yes I know I'm supposed to be on holidays, but I had to come in today!!), and everyone just had a great time. We advertised that there was going to be a special guest, so the trainer who took the circuit dressed up as Santa! I was dressed in red and had my reindeer antlers on, and some of the clients had Christmas accessories on as well. To my disappointment, they drew the line at having Christmas music on to do the circuit to! It was a fun, festive environment! We finished off with a little party and drew random prizes for the attendees. :)

Now I'm entertaining myself as I'm banned from the shopping centre as my OH is there buying my Christmas gift!!!! I've been bugging him for weeks "what are you getting me, what are you getting me", "have you got my present yet, have you got my present yet". I'm a big kid when there's gifts around... if there's something with my name on it under the tree, I have to look, touch, feel and try to peek to see what it is... I have no patience... only three sleeps!!


Ali said...

Hope you are thrilled with your Christmas present ;)

have a wonderful Christmas and New year!!

Ali xxx

Kerry said...

Only two to go now Selina, have a great time when it finally arrives.

Love Kerry

Hilary said...

Only two more sleeps to go now Selina!!! Not that you needed reminding!

Hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and all the best for 2008.

Hilary xx