Saturday, December 01, 2007


Tuna, Cottage Cheese and Pineapple Lettuce Wraps

The tuna has cucumber and red capsicum mixed through it and placed on top of a pineapple slice (which you can't see). Topped with cottage cheese and tomato. YUM!!
Eating it isn't all that graceful but worth it all the same!
I like have lots of time to prepare yummy lunches!!


We had a whopper of a storm last nite here, it was an open-air disco, all nite. We lost power at 12.00am, it didn't come back on till 5am. Not fun trying to sleep with no air-con or fan, and having to close all windows from the strong, horizontal rain! Of course at 5am when I just got comfy again my alarm went off for a run.

...which was very eventful. I came across street signs that had been knocked down in the storm, there was debris over the road everywhere including lots of dead toads...

The birds were out, so this time I armed myself with a stick. Luckily (for them!) today I didn't need it. Should of held onto it thought - a rather large dog scared the bejeezus out of me - decided it would be funny to come charging at me from it's hiding spot down a secluded pathway (don't know where it came from, but wasn't impressed with the owners not keeping it in the yard). I screamed, and probably woke a few people up. I'm terrified of big dogs. I just don't like them. It liked me though and I couldn't get rid of it. Until I had to out-smart it by running round a shop - when it got excited and took off, I quickly did a U-turn and got outta there and down the next street. Nothing like a little bit of sprint training :P

At exactly 59mins and 45secs into the run disaster struck. The path I was on was covered in pine needles and pine cones, all blown off in the storm. The path was hardly visible. Of course, Miss Klutz had to step right on top of a pine cone, rolling her ankle. Man it hurt. I limped back home which took 20 mins. Lucky it was on the way back through at the end of the run and not the beginning. It's big and fat and sore, but I'm tough.

Tomorrow will be a bike ride and maybe even a swim :) I love weekends!!!

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Kerry said...

I can so relate to you Selina, if there is something to trip on etc I can do it no worries.

I really popped by to congratulate you on your ideal bodies survey win. For some strange reason I wanted to win it. Congrats.