Sunday, December 02, 2007

Meet my new best friend...

We spent 1hr and 50mins of quality time together this morning. I just love this time of year, there's so much sun, and thanks to my reliable body clock I start becoming conscious about 5am and spring out of bed not long after. :))

My ankle is doing good, ice, compression, small doses of elevation and anti-inflammatories did the trick. Still sore to move, but can walk normal. Should be right to run in the next few days :)

I joined the club today!!! I fell off my bike!! LoL *(see previous bike posts if that makes no sense)* The fact that I don't even wear the 'proper' shoes and clippy thingy yets makes it not quite legitimate though!!
Imagine: Girl feeling like an elite athlete on new bike, flying round corners, on the same bikepath as ankle incident yesterday (I think I need to get off that path!), debris still everywhere, mis-negotiates a turn on the path, ends up with tyre wedged between path and soft dirt, runs into tree and headbutts a branch (incident #2 where I owe my life to my helmet!), screams and falls into the dirt, taking the tree branch with her. Couldn't get up as was cracking up laughing!! Little Miss Klutz is at it again! Worst injury was to the bike with the chain coming off, but easy fixed.
No better way to start Sunday!?!


Kek said...

Don't worry, you'll have many more spills and thrills. I've lost count of the things I've done wrong on the bike that end with me sitting on my butt. At least I learn from my mistakes - but then there's always a new one to try out!

Hilary said...

LOL that is so funny, you gave me a good chuckle reading this! Maybe you need to get a T-shirt printed up "little Miss Klutz"???? Why is there never a video camera around when you need one!!!!

Hope your ankle feels better too.

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

Your new best friend is a hottie!! Loving all the stories of your exploits on your bike though... you sound as graceful as I do. I am so the world's biggest klutz... we must have a competition one day... LOL!! ;o)