Friday, December 14, 2007

Best Piece of Advice I've Ever Received

NOT! Let me start at the beginning... grab a pillow this is gonna be a long ride ;)
After having frequent pain in my left shoulder for about 12 months - I have mentioned (maybe I should say, whined) about it many times in this blog, I got a referral for an ultrasound. I've had fortnightly massages, had my chiro play around, done zero boxing with clients - much to their disappointment, had various months off upper body training, only to go to baby weights and it flares again, changed my computer to help my posture... etc etc etc. So after having the last 5 weeks off any upper body training, lefty was going great! So well, I thought it was better. Soooo I train upper, and helloooo here we go again. Usually only chest exercises irritated it, now it's all upper training. CRAP. So I'd had jack of it, tried everything else recommended, so made the doc's appt, and paid a fortune for a lil slip of paper to say I need an ultrasound.

So off I went today. Got naked almost and let them rub a cold thingy-me-jiggy over my arm whilst I performed various movements. It was quite interesting to see it all on screen, reality TV at it's best. ;) Anyway, mr radiologist #1 got mr radiologist #2 to come in and ask me further questions. I explained what hurt etc. He said "Well the ultrasound shows up nothing there". My face falls - I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP! I tell him what movements I can't perform (ie I can't undo my bra clip with my left arm, I can't do tricep dips let alone real dips as it 'catches' in that position) and he comes out with "Just avoid anything that aggravates it". Like what... anything to do with my upper body?? I almost laughed, and then smacked him. Then I almost cried.

What do I do now?!?


Santa came early today. Santa in the form of a Qld Rail employee.... with... *wait for it*................. ALL MY NEW EQUIPMENT!!!!!!!!!
So there's 3 new machines in a kazillion pieces on the studio floor at the moment, with............... NO instructions. So I call the supplier who says "That's because there are no instructions. It's all self-explanatory". HELLO?!?!? Self explanatory for who?? You who puts them together all day, or me, who has zero patience, and can hardly do a puzzle, let alone BIG 3D ones?!?!


On a better note, I'm getting away for the weekend. Going to an island for my OH's Christmas party. Best part, is it's all paid for. I don't even have to take my wallet. Except I probably should for ID purposes incase I'm found passed out in a garden from drinking too much free alcohol.
I'm kidding about that part :P Serious :) I've got to come into work on Sunday to assemble the self explanatory machines...


Hilary said...

Oh that sucks about your shoulder! I hate it when they cant tell you what's wrong - I hope you figure it out soon, must be very frustrating.

Good luck putting together all that equipment!! Maybe doing with a hangover will help it all make sense???!!!!.... LOL enjoy the Christmas Party!

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

My advice on what you do now is keep going to specialists until you find one that takes you seriously and can find out what is wrong. Doctors are a bit like personal trainers in that you have to find the right fit, and just because they have qualifications doesn't mean that they know what they are doing, so you need to try them on to find one that does.

Don't be surprised that nothing was found on the ultrasound. I have heard many a story of an ultrasound missing tumors the size of grapefruits and above... not saying that you have a tumor there, but if it can miss something that size, then it can miss seeing what is wrong with your shoulder.

It may be an expensive exercise, but what price can you put on health?

I hope you feel better soon and that the equipment assembly isn't too challenging. There were quite a few cuss words in this house yesterday when I was putting together an electric ride-on police motorbike for my nephew for his Christmas pressie :o)

Have a great Sunday xxx

Dianna Broeren said...

You make me laugh! Hope you don't get any prickles from the garden : )