Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I can waffle better than I thought!!

I got a phone call yesterday from a local coffee table type publication asking me to write an article for an upcoming edition. Yep, no worries, I've done it before, I thought. Great, she says, I'll need it by 1.00pm Thursday. EXCUSE ME?!?!?! Like I have nothing else to do at the moment!!! So I've been putting it off and honestly I didn't know where to start!! Just an article - no topic to go by, just a 400-500 word article. Last nite I could have done it, nah, put it onWednesday's To Do List. I've procrastinated all day, done every other little insignificant job (like cleaning out a drawer!!) then that was the only one left. This will be a late night, I thought at 3.00pm when I started it. You know, just like when school assignments were due 8.30am Monday morning , and you were up till midnight getting them done?!?! Well I'm pleased to announce that by 3.30pm I had finished!! So now later on I'll be off for a run and then you guessed it - a bike ride!!! ;) Must remember to never under-estimate my powers of waffling!!!


Hilary said...

Ah I love a good waffle!!! Good job on getting it written so quick! Are you going to post the article so we can have a read too???

Hilary xx

Kaddy said...

haha i do the same thing! i started a property management course at the beginning of the year for a job that i only stayed at for 4 weeks; but i decided to complete the course anyway as i had paid for it and i'm on a property acquasition mission.. so thought it would be handy. On Tues i called to find out the latest i could finish it; DECEMBER OMG have been looking at the file and doing every other thing concievable.... alas... i suppose i will have to do it eventually!