Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can she do it, can she do it... YES SHE CAN!!!

Each day is one step at a time. 5 weeks to go, breathe... hang in there 5 weeks till Christmas girl!! I've been sooo flamin' unbelievably busy!!!!!!!! I haven't had a chance to grab some air for weeks. The two trainers previously mentioned have both finished up now :( was sad, but a new era begins!! The two newies are doing really well, which I'm stoked about. At this stage they don't know the fiddly admin bits, so that's put heaps more pressure on me, but we'll get there. I was so used to having staff who knew how to run the business, I forgot how much extra work it is!! Must remember to not take that for granted.
I'm pretty weary from lack of sleep, surviving on 5-6 hours sleep and doing up to 14 hour days (but whatelse is new!!). I just need to keep my head above water till Christmas then I can relax. The renovations aren't quite finished, but the rest of the equipment should be in next weekend, then I'll spend the whole weekend trying to put it together. Help anyone?! ;) Putting together big puzzles is certainly not my strong point!!

I've been managing to squeeze in my planned running sessions all outdoors, I'm having sooo much fun with this program. Last weeks goal session was 4 x 1km efforts, with 1min 30sec standing recovery in betweet. Goal time was to be under 4mins 20secs. Pleased to say my fastest was 4min 11secs, slowest was 4mins 23 secs :) Not bad considering I'm struggling to hold together 5min kms during a 5km run!! Nothing like a challenge to get me moving.

I've also got a new road bike!!! I bought if off my trainer who left to travel, it's a DiamondBack Racer... I don't know alot about bikes yet, but it's sposed to be a good one :) Unfortunately I haven't even ridden it yet!!!! ARGH!!! I won't be touching the little thingies that lock your feet in just yet, that's just an accident waiting to happen!! I've been told there's 2 types of cyclists, those who have fallen off, and those who are about to!!! HA!

Last weekend I did a Punchfit Punch Pad course - so now I have a pretty little certificate saying I'm qualified. My body was so sore!! I was hurting in places I've never hurt before!! It was heaps of fun!!

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Hilary said...

Wow you have been busy! That punchfit thing looks good - hard work though!

Good luck getting through the next 5 weeks, you will be fine, just remember to breathe!! I would love to come and help if I lived a bit closer!!!!

Hilary xx