Monday, November 26, 2007

Could I be addicted??

I love my bike, I love my bike, I love my bike!! Sore bits or not I was on it again on the weekend. Saturday morning was an early 1hr 10min run, then straight onto the bike. I had to do it in that order, coz if I started with bike, I wouldn't have gotten off it :P All done and dusted before 7.30am :) There were 3 separate near misses with attacking birds, thank goodness for helmets, I hope the sucker has a dent in his beak :P


Kaddy said...

OMG u crack me up! what kinda bike did you get?>

Selina said...

Kaddy - it's a road bike, a Diamond Back Racer. (don't know much about them yet!!).
I'll post a pic soon :)