Friday, November 23, 2007

Just like Riding a Bike huh?

That's what I thought well, riding a bike might be like... my mistake!! I finally got out on my new lil demon the other nite, I hope the neighbours were entertained! I haven't ridden a bike since about 2001 as my goregeous lil brother decided he'd ride big sis' bike to school and not lock it up therefore leaving a temptation too good to refuse to the theives of the world, but that's another story...
Back then it was a mountain bike. Not a light skinny road bike that even I can pick up with one hand.
I was wobbly, I was freaking out, I was very tentative turning corners!!
Now I'm bruised in that part, but I can't wait to do it again!
The best part - I still belong in the group of people who are about to fall off their bike!!! :P


Kek said...

What? You didn't get someone to take a video? Shame! I could use a good laugh.


RaeC said...

Don't forget... riding a bike is like, well riding a bike!! You don't forget how to... LOL!!

I am hearing you on the busy at work business. We'll just hang on by our fingernails together I think!! Hang in there hon xxx

Hilary said...

LOL I havent ridden a bike for about 15 years, reckon I would fall off if I tried!!!

Sounds like you're having fun with your new 'toy' - you might want to buy some padding for the seat though :-)~

Hilary xx