Saturday, February 18, 2006

Big Week!!

But I survived it all the same!!

Have heaps of new clients coming through, I am flat out, but that's a good thing!

Hit a major wall this week with my energy levels. The week always starts OK, but I now have to be up at 4.30am three times per week, and don't get home to bed until late still, so about 3 nites each week I'm only getting 6-7 hours sleep. With all my training and cardio I definitely need more.

Thursday I went for a run at 10.3am which was crazier than at 9.30am last week. However I've been in "Trouble" for not planning properly, and that was my only opportunity, so I seized it. My god, I thought I was gonna die!! But I didn't. Showered at work then had a client then raced off to the gym to do legs and then again back to work for the evening. Needless to say I slept well, but was up again early Friday morning, then took clients on a 3km time trial. I was the "bunny" to chase down, so I had to motor along. That sapped me. I managed to have a 30min nana nap, before more heading to the gym for back and biceps. My grip was heaps better this time, and although I was soooo not mentally with it from fatigue, I managed a good session and am sore to touch today. Always a good sign! Was up again early today (damn body clock) so went for a 50min power walk (not allowed to do too much running), before work. Again had a 2and half hour nap this arvo. I won't be sleeping till late tonite!!

Sue - you found me!! lol. Yes that game was with my boy playing!! He was kind enough to be there for 8 runs, so I didn't get much 'perve' time :(

Anywho...other half is sick of me spending saturday nite on here. I gotta bolt!! Up again early tomorrow to cheer my teams on in a local triathlon!! Always the motivator and supporter :)

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Sue Heintze said...

Just emailed you re your diet for the coming week, let me know if you got it.