Saturday, February 04, 2006


Well, I survived my first week back at work.

Thursday was my last post, so what's my updates...err oh yes, I did legs. Bit disappointed, I HAD to drop my hammy weights back a bit, simply because I'm sure I wasn't 100% recovered from last weeks workout! They went OK though, just have to stretch, stretch, stretch. My lunges felt not good, a little bit of 'discomfort' in my right glute. Anyway, next day didn't have to limp, so work-wise that was good, otherwise not. I like to be sore, very very sore. Will go harder next time. Went for a 30 min run/walk that afternoon, and that hurt in the heat! It all just hurts lately!!

Friday morning was another run/walk. I set my HRM and made sure I walked to bring the HR back down when it beeped at me. Being a runner, it was hard to stop, but I don't wanna eat away that hard-earned muscle!!

Had a free nite last nite...gee I really wish I didn't. Went to a mexi restaurant, and I had 3 cocktails - was at least good by having "clear" as opposed to creamy icky ones. Dinner was a texas burger, wasn't at all good. I didn't even eat the bun, just ate the rib fillet and salad on it. Left the chips as well! I wasn't even planning on trying to be good, it just so happened, that I listened to my stomache for once instead of devouring everything without taking note!! We then went off to the movies to see "The Fog" - can't say I was real impressed. Oh, being free nite and all, had a small serve-yourself bag of lollies. YUMMM So that was good there, till I went home to bed and felt a little "off" in the stomache. Then I got the guilts and wish I hadn't eaten that kinda stuff.

Nevermind, got minimal hours sleep and was in for my workout - back, bis and calves - by 6.45am. I worked hard, but just how hard, I will know this evening/tomorrow. I know my poor lil weak biceps will be in a state of shock again....the whole time I was chanting "I love arms", "I love arms"!! THEN I did a 20 min circuit. We had a competition running at work, every time a client attended a circuit during December (traditionally slower month), they got an entry into a competition to win the chance for design a circuit that us three trainers had to do! It was actually quite fun! Def not as bad as I thought it would be after doing weight training....lotsa burpees (ouch), sprinting amongst other stuff. Got the HR up anyway, and we all had fun!

I stayed at work working on client's files till midday, then had the quick run to the Supermarket to stock up on cottage cheese. Lo and behold there was none of the 'normal' stuff left! I had to get the creamed stuff, hope it's as good, or I will be a cranky lil gal at breakfast!!

Enjoying passing my time here on the puter...have been fighting with my head a bit today. After that free meal, a voice keeps telling me "well just one of those won't hurt" to whatever it bloody sees!! I'm staying well away from the fridge/pantry... NO MORE FREE MEALS till I can control myself properly. I actually thought that that could be an issue, but as i was SOOO consistent with all my food, I thought I'd easily slip back. Wellll maybe not so easily, but I am still successfully winning this battle!

I have rellies from down south here this evening for a BBQ, so that will be hard...BUT I WILL WIN! If i knew earlier, I would have made tonite a free nite. Nevermind, i've done it before at a BBQ, I can do it again. Am going to read my goal and inspiration book, I WANT MY ABS BACK, I WILL SUCCEED!!!!!!!!!

Anywayz gonna go plod around elsewhere on this cyber thing!! Am going to try and make my page look at least half decent!! :)

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