Friday, February 03, 2006

I nearly died last nite!!! Well not THAT close :)

Well, what a great day I did end up having yesterday! I got to work about 1.30pm, made heaps of calls, sorted out a few things then had to leave by 5.30pm. I have my usual road runners 5km social run on Wednesday nites, but planned to get there earlier to do 10 mins worth as I have to play with my new heart rate monitor to set my OWNZONES! Gee it's one confusing small piece of machinery!! So that was all fine, i THINK I know what's going on.

Came 6pm for the start of the run, and I knew it would be hard. I haven't run since before Christmas, a few power walks over my holiday, but nothing too much. I was prepared to HURT, but my lordy, I had no idea! I thought I was gonna die. The fact that its soooo hot at that time didn't help. My usual running buddies (that I end up beating) absolutely flogged me, and I was busting my gut! The 12 year old girls that I always fly past (they start quick - I come home better), beat me. It was very demoralising actually! And to think that I got the award last year for 1st female 18-39yo! I know Im just outta training, but sheesh, I didn't realise things could go so bad so fast. My time was 28mins 12 secs.....a LONG way off from my PB of 22mins53secs. My ave HR was 177, reaching 189 at one stage. The competitive season starts 19th Feb, with a Club Championship run 2 weeks later, I better get training! BUT can't do toooo much cardio as Sue wants me to cut back. Catch 22 huh!

Anyway I enjoyed watching the swimming trials last nite :) After seeing how absolutely stuffed they are after a swim, and knowing how I felt last nite, makes me wonder WHY they keep putting themselves through that pain!! That's why I admire athletes so much. :)

Well I'm due to do some leg training today (program is still outta whack in terms of what days to do what, because of my holiday), but totally dreading it. My hammys are still not recovered from last Friday's killer session, and I really felt them last nite, but sports rubs and stretching are hopefully helping them. Plan to go lighter on legs this week, because of that reason, plus with work I really can't afford to be bed-ridden again for two days. I will have to work up to it lightly again!

Anyway, time to stop putting it off, just go do it!! Then I get to eat again! YIPEEEE

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