Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Selina's Stuff

Just a quickie!!!

Big day today, started at 6am and will be finished at 6.30pm. Had a total of 13 clients today!!
Managed to go for a run outside here at our Gooseponds - approx 2.2kms around once. I did it twice round starting at 9.30 this morning!! What a crazy fool, I didn't expect to run it all, the heat here usually kills me!! However, I've found my focus again, found the WHY!! So nothing was going to stop me! The power of the mind huh!

Had to do that stripper song, and superheroine thing! Funny thing is... when living in Canada, Slave 4 U was actually a song that i did catch a hot guy's attention with!! LOL how coincidental!! And as for superheroine...I could only be the buffster!! I was a HUGE fan, watched every episode every week, and still have the last season on tape (yea, I know, need to update to the TV box set!!)

Better run, got my next 5 clients in a row, then bolting outta here to meet my other half at the gym :) Have to tidy up now so not rushing later!!!

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