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Friday 4th January 2008

2007 Wrap-up

Wowsers, it really was a massive year for me. I learnt a lot about myself and what makes me happy/stressed/depressed.


After a very trying 2006, I became HAPPY again!! Everything just fell into place after 9 months of wondering when I was going to love life again and get out of the big dark depressive hole I was in for most of 2006. (Due to work)

My best friend had her second little girl :)

I made the annual trek to Sydney in April for the FILEX convention and had my annual catch-up with Kek and Jay. We met Lindy Olsen and got pics with lots of muscle bound, half naked men. And can’t forget all the free samples. What a dream holiday!

I got back together with my boyf after a 6month split, due to my issues in 2006. We’ve been together 3 years now (well, less the 6 months).

I had a fly-by trip to Brisbane with my sister in May to see P!NK! She ROCKS!!

I did my first ½ marathon in June!! Came in under my goal time which was an extra bonus!

Also in June, did the annual King of the Mountain Run and came second female overall – my best ever result!

I had a fly-by trip to Melbourne in July to see my first ever bodybuilding comp, the All Females. Got to meet lots of people in person! Kek put me up when I was there and I became her 4th child – the girl she always wanted, hey Kek!! ;) – and managed to stir The Baby just a tad more than he stirred me ;)

Late 2007, I was FINALLY able to renovate my studios, and upgrade some of my equipment. Finishing touches still in progress.

And gained two new staff members, who are excellent trainers.

The lowlights:

That it took me too long to realise that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

I went through a winter depression… a reeeeaaalllly bad one where I needed to just hibernate for the winter. No enthusiasm for life, no motivation for exercise, and gained 3kgs.

I lost two long-serving staff members to follow their dreams :)

All in all, not a bad year :)

What I learnt:

That I don’t HAVE to do everything and the world won’t end if it doesn’t go as planned. If a staff member was ill, I used to have major anxiety attacks thinking how am I going to train all those clients as well as mine. Guess what? They weren’t cranky that their session had to be re-scheduled (in fact, most probably loved putting it off!!), getting ill sometimes is a part of life. Or on the other hand, if I’m sick or injured, I don’t HAVE to be training people when on my deathbed. My body is telling me something, maybe I should listen! Why make them sick too?

That I can handle stress if I just calm down and think rationally. The worst things that could happen rarely do… take each moment as it happens.

That it’s not a crime to take time out. I have always felt guilty if there’s work to be done and I’m not doing it. There always will be work to do, I need to work on looking after my mental state as well.

To love my legs!! I’ve always HATED my legs. I’ve always had muscular legs without doing a skerrick of gym work. Confession: I only started adding leg training to my regime when my trainer at the time made me. That was 2 years ago. I’ve always called them my fat legs. BUT, they help me run up hills!! (I do a lot better in hilly/trail run courses, than flat ones). They help me run fast. They are strong!

To accept my body. I’m 51kgs. I am NOT fat. I would still love to drop some body fat but then I’ll change the goalposts again. I have never been happy with my body, however, I accept it. I am fit, healthy, well, I have nothing to complain about! I will strive towards my goals, but not hating myself along the way.

To not “Sweat the Small Stuff and Just count your Blessings!!”

Phew what a year!!!

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