Monday, January 14, 2008

Saturday 5th January 2008

2008 GOALS

To take the studios to a new level.
To cut back my hours – realistically I cannot work 14hour days forever.
To take more time out.
To implement some different training sessions I’ve been working on.

-See all those run times to the right, they’re all gonna get smashed!!! ;) I’m working with a trainer who is KILLING me in training. My times aren’t breaking any records at the moment, but consistency and the WANT will get me there. Realistically – the longer distance times can improve, but the shorter ones may just hold their place on the blog board for a little longer!
- To do my first triathlon!! It’s coming, in March!
- To get my shoulder sorted out for good. Currently in progress!
- To respect my body, feed it nutritious fuel, and it will perform better and stronger
- To be a more giving, loving and understanding partner, daughter, sister, friend and trainer.

- To not sweat the small stuff and count my blessings, every day :)

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