Monday, January 14, 2008

Hi Guys...

It's been awhile since my last post. I've got a bit going on at the moment, and I'm still on holidays so I'm not on the computer daily. It's been good having a break from it.
I have typed up many entries that I just posted today with the relevant dates. I'll be back again soon :)


Lyndsay said...

Hey Selina, You go girlfriend!Enjoy your break. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures on the way to your first tri.

Kerry said...

Wow Selina,
I hope that this year is everthing you want it to be and more. You certainly have thought the whole thing out. I wish you all the best

Kek said...

LOL - I was just coming to poke you, and here you are!

4th child old do you think I am??! ;o) Half-naked men though, ah....memories!

You'll kick arse in the tri - and I want photograpic proof, thanks.

P.S. You're gorgeous, so get over it!

RaeC said...

Hey girl... I hope you're enjoying that holiday!! Reading over the last few entries you've really earned it. Have a great time and I look forward to reading all about it when you get back. Happy New Year hon (better late than never... LOL!!) xxx

little rene said...

Hey Selina!

What a lot of soul searching you have done! Good for you!

I can really empathise with you about HATING your legs. I have always despised mine as well. I also have really muscly little suckers and have always felt somehow less "feminine" than my friends with their scrawny little calves.

Lately though Ii have decided to get over it and accept and more importantly love my body and that includes the lower half. So my plan is that after the kidlet is born and nourished I am going to throw myself into a cardio and weights regime that turns my body into a ball of muscle and then I am actually going to start wearing clothes that don't always cover my lower half. Shorts to my knees and skirts are going to be part of my life!

There are other people out there with worse problems than muscular calves and I now have a responsibility to another little human to be a role model of self acceptance :)