Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it a week already??

Man time flies - I can't believe it's the 31st of January already!! This date last month I was getting ready to go out for cocktails... ;)

Life is just great at the moment!! I had a great long weekend spent watching DVDs, swimming, BBQing, and a few cocktails slipped in there too. I have a problem with cocktails at the moment.... it's not good!!! ;) The main thing was just chilling with my boy and my family - the special people in my life.

I've been hitting the pool for my lappys a few times each week. Now, I am the furtherest(?) thing from a swimmer. The last time I swam a 'proper' lap was in 8th grade on the first PE lesson of the year. Thought I'd better, and just maybe over the holidays I may have improved. Nope! Actually I don't think I ever made a whole 50m lap, ever. No kidding! After that first PE lesson, I had a year-long period (male teacher never questioned it!! HA!) PLUS a permanent ear-ache. Didn't I have it tough ;) About 2 years ago I did go through a phase, but only ever swam with aids in the form of flippers and kickboard. Till now. I have to be tough.

I've been swimming 22 laps - 1.1kms - why 22 I don't know... I just can't settle with 20. Just like I can never set my alarm clock ending with a :_0 or a :_5. But that's another story. So the first time I did 25m without flippers. I only stopped coz I was gagging for air. The next time I did 4x 50m laps flipper-less, then 6x laps now I'm up to 8x laps! Does it matter that I have to have a 10second-1min rest at each end?!?! The rest are done with the saviours called flippers. I AM FACING MY FEARS AND WINNING!! Next... to perfect the not-having-a-rest-between-laps then god forbid... a tumble turn!

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