Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Lil Princess :)

Here's a few pics of my gorgeous little Jade-Lyn before her dancing concert as mentioned a few posts ago.
See why I'm in love with her!!! :)


Alicia said...

Awwww she is just GORGEOUS! Hope your keeping well and remember I'm only a phone call/email away.


Rebecca said...

She is so sweet!! What a little angel. You are looking awesome too. Go girl.

Have a nice weekend

A Girl Running said...

she is beautiful. I LOVE what you are wearing too

Selina said...

Ta Alicia! I'm glad you're still around although not a blogger anymore :) I love to hear from u :)
Bec - She is beautiful :) We're not even blood relatives as such, so when my sis' has lil ones I'll be a smothering aunty!!
Sharon - :) Thanks, i love that top too, but I DON'T like how my legs look like tre trunks in that pic from the way I'm squatting down LoL :)

Chontelle said...


Hilary said...

naaaawwww she is sooo cute! Love the costume she's wearing!

Dont blame you for being smitten!

Hilary xx