Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Chapter 5 - The Final Chapter!

So I was up to the Asia Pacs, which just in case you forgot - SHANNON WON! When she was announced overall winner, I cried. It was just soooo exciting. After our pizza expedition we went to bed about 2am...

The next day was pancakes with banana and real maple syrup, caramel sauce and ice-cream - so normal for breakfast! - with a non-black coffee. It was divine!

Then lunch with Leann and Yann and family members, and Kristin and Leisl at Hardrock Cafe. It was lovely to have the opportunity to have a decent chat to everyone.

I think Shannon and I then had an ice-cream, and a donut.... you know, those things you want at the time, but it's really not that good! ;)

We enjoyed an easy evening in the motel with a few picky things - we'd eaten enough already that day to plan a 'real' dinner. We had a really good chat about this and that and came up with some crazy ideas in our sugar-induced haze!! hee hee

Monday - final day of out little get-away, Shannon was asked by the promoters to do the photo shoot thang. She looked GREAT, of course. We weren't really prepared, but a quickie visit to LJ wasn't a problem at all! ;)

Obi Obadike the MC from the show was also there doing shoots with some of the gals, so we got to have a chat to him. And some pics.

Me and my future husband - like my subltle hand placement!? Yes they feel as good as they look ;)


Shannon and Loretta, her Overall trophy :)

We drove back to Brisbane, where Shan dropped me back at Lyndsay's where I stayed for an extra two nights before flying home! As soon as I was able to relax and have a 'real' holiday, it was over :(

Comp Season 2010 - DONE!

Thanks girls for all the support through-out. It was great to meet so many girls for the first time, and to catch up with others - I won't list in case I forget someone. ;) And big thanks for all the pics too! xxx


Jehanne said...

hahahah - I so have to come and visit you in mackay and Shann has to come to and we should most definately do some serious wooping it up and training in your studio! xx

Casey said...

OMFG - I'm soo jealous of your hand placement.

Hilary said...

Awesome pics!! Good to hear you enjoyed your post-comp sugar hit! Looks like you had an awesome time, sorry I missed it this year!

Hilary xx

Kek said...

Niiiiice photo!

Vix said...

I'm with Casey!! haha
Once again it was fabbo to meet you lovely. I will have to come up sometime when neither of us is prepping for some fun times (and vino? but no mobile phone ;) )